Sourwolf showing us more emotions in one episode than in the entire show.

Deputy Handsome Booty - no Jordan.

I think my brain is being grilled. I need to stop thinking about TW.

I would ship Holland and Ryan but not Jordan and Lydia. Just the age.


Now we know Parrish’s first name before Stile’s real name. Sighs.

We will know EVERYTHING before Stiles’ real name, trust me.

AND when Derek was talking about losing his power… I think he didn’t want to scare Chris that much.. but I think if he is losing his powers, he is dying. I just had a really weird feeling about the way he talked about it.

I will cry my heart out if Chris kills Derek.


Oh, Derek. Hanging out in the high school locker room. Being a creeper towards teenage boys.

Some things never change.

And hopefully never will